How easy is it to get a mobile website? Unfortunately for many businesses, getting a mobile website may be difficult. This is because it is a function of supply and demand. Currently there are more restaurants that need a mobile website then there are developers that can build them. The mobile market has been growing at lighting speed. According to Morgan Stanley, what happened with the growth of the internet pales in comparison to the growth of mobile. What took 10-years to unfold in the internet, is taking only 3-years in mobile. There are three issues that come into play with a mobile website. 1. The technology to build a mobile website is different from that of a traditional website. Although the figure is unknown, if we were to guess, currently less than 5% of website developers are capable of building a mobile website. 2. The website structure for a mobile website is far different from that of a traditional website. They are structured around mobile magnets (information that draws people to the site). This could include such things as coupons or discounts. 3. When people are searching on their mobile phones, they tend to be looking for specific data and use slightly different search terms then they do on a desktop computer. Mobile search terms are more action oriented and more likely to use verbs, as in ‘find restaurants’. They frequently are location specific such as ‘find restaurants Atlanta Ga’. Knowing what terms your customers use when they are mobile is critical to how one builds your mobile website so that you rank high in the search results. Most web developers are not marketers and therefore, they approach a mobile website in much the same way as they would a traditional website. As a restaurant owner, this would be a disaster. We specialize in the mobile market. In fact, we don’t build traditional websites. It is similar to the difference between a ‘family doctor’ and a ‘cardiologist’.  We are a cardiologist of mobile website design and marketing. Call us today for a FREE phone consultation and get a quote for your restaurant. 1.336.824.7012 Attract Retain Measure Keep new customers & build your reputation. Keep in touch & build relationships Measure, manage & make more money Contact us today For A Free Consultation Home >> What is different about a mobile website? Are mobile search engine results different? What is the process to get a mobile website? How easy is it to get a mobile website? What if I do nothing and wait? Hours: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST