Get Customers Returning – Target Marketing Package This package includes the design, development, and implementation of a customer list-building program to bring customers into your restaurant. One of the problems facing restaurants is slow hours, or even slow days. This program is designed to fill your restaurant with customers during these periods. The easiest way to do that is to offer a special offer, which only can only be redeemed for a limited period of time. For example: get 50% off your meal if you redeem this offer today between 4:00 and 6:00. This offer is sent by a text message to the mobile phones of your customers. The biggest advantage of this marketing strategy is that it is easy, can be done in a matter of minutes, and 90% of all text messages are viewed within 15 minutes of being received. Thus, there is a high percentage of your customers that see your message unlike email which has less than a 20% open rate. A well run target marketing campaign requires the following: To design a program that will collect the mobile phone numbers of your patrons To design an incentive program to cause your customers to give you’re their mobile phone numbers To set up an account by which you can keep a database of these phone numbers and send a text message at will to your customer base To design an offer that can be easily understood and causes your customer to take action To track the results to know if the program is working and to fine tune the program to get the best results possible We set up the entire program so that you can run the offers at will. Click here for more information: The cost of this program is $200 a month plus any text message charges. If you are interested in discussing our services to create a target-marketing program for your business, call our office at 336-824-7012 1.336.824.7012 Attract Retain Measure Keep new customers & build your reputation. Keep in touch & build relationships Measure, manage & make more money Contact us today For A Free Consultation Home >> Hours: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST 1. Internet Package 2. Mobile Website Package 3. Coupon Package 4. Mobile Advertising Package 5. Target Marketing Package 6. Customer Loyalty Package 7. Customer Review Package 8. Facebook Advertising Package 9. Customer Referral Package