Get New Customers – Facebook Advertising Package This package includes the design, development, and executing a Facebook advertising strategy. Facebook currently has more users everyday than Google, and as such should be integrated into your marketing efforts. Facebook is a two part marketing strategy. The first part is to create a Facebook Fan Page and get customers to “Like” you. This is similar to giving you their endorsement that your restaurant is a good place to eat. When someone checks out your restaurant on Facebook, they see that other people they know “Like” your restaurant. The simplicity is that the person “Liking” you only has to click a button to give you their endorsement. The second part is to advertise to the friends of the people that “Like” you. On average every person on Facebook has 130 friends. So if you have 100 people that “Like” your restaurant, you would advertise to 1,300 people who are friends of the people that know you. When your ad appears on Facebook, their friend who “Likes” you appears with the ad, making this a very powerful advertising strategy. Furthermore, advertising on Facebook is inexpensive. You also have the alternative, which is simply to place an ad on Facebook to your target market. Facebook offers hyper- targeted advertising, which allows you to show your ad to those people that meet your demographics. A well run Facebook advertising campaign requires the following: To design and create a Facebook Fan Page (landing page) To design an incentive coupon for someone to “Like” you To design an ad to run on Facebook To track the ad to assess it’s effectiveness To tweak the ad to increase your return on investment We do everything for you except redeem the coupon at your restaurant. Click here for more information: Call today and get a quote: 336-824-7012 1.336.824.7012 Attract Retain Measure Keep new customers & build your reputation. Keep in touch & build relationships Measure, manage & make more money Contact us today For A Free Consultation Home >> Hours: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST 1. Internet Package 2. Mobile Website Package 3. Coupon Package 4. Mobile Advertising Package 5. Target Marketing Package 6. Customer Loyalty Package 7. Customer Review Package 8. Facebook Advertising Package 9. Customer Referral Package