Get New Customers – Customer Review Package This package includes the design, development, and implementation, and management of a customer review program to bring customers into your restaurant. In today’s connected society, people tend to believe what others have to say about your restaurant than what you say. It’s easy to go online and leave a scathing review that can have a negative impact on your business. What can you do about this? Do you want to control the message or do you want others to control the message. The easiest way for you to control the message and offset any negative reviews is to create a formal customer review process. If a person looking for a restaurant sees that you have a high satisfaction rating, with ninety-nine positive reviews to one negative review, they are more likely to discount the negative review. The biggest advantage of this marketing strategy is that it is easy, can be done in a matter of minutes, and can make your patrons feel good about helping you or someone else. Your strategy should be designed to get authentic positive review and make it easy for your customer to give you a review. To get a review you need to offer an incentive to your customer. We have found that one of the best incentives is for you to donate $5 or $10 to a charity such as “Make a wish foundation” on behalf of your customer. It invokes a powerful psychological trigger that makes it easy for a customer to want to participate and give a good review. A well run customer review campaign requires the following: To design a program that will incentivize your customers to give a good review To make it easy for your customers to give a review and not have to log into a review site To post the reviews online in a manner that meets the guidelines of the review sites We set up the entire program so that you can run your restaurant. Click here for more information:  Call today and get a quote: 336-824-7012 1.336.824.7012 Attract Retain Measure Keep new customers & build your reputation. Keep in touch & build relationships Measure, manage & make more money Contact us today For A Free Consultation Home >> Hours: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST 1. Internet Package 2. Mobile Website Package 3. Coupon Package 4. Mobile Advertising Package 5. Target Marketing Package 6. Customer Loyalty Package 7. Customer Review Package 8. Facebook Advertising Package 9. Customer Referral Package