1.336.824.7012 Here is the table of contents to what you get in this eCourse on Facebook Advertising Bonus Desktop Software Bonus Desktop Facebook Ad Creation Software Section 1 – Getting Started Setting Up Your Facebook Account Setting Up A Facebook Business Account Section 2 – How To Profile Your Market Find A Niche Market Determine The Size Of Your Niche Market Investigate Your Niche Markets Biggest Problems Doing Keyword Research Profile Your Customer Using Google Ad Planner Research Your Customer Using Omgili Create An Accurate Profile Of Your Customer Section 3 – Keyword Research Section 4 – Headlines Tips For Making Your Headlines More Effective Section 5 – Pictures Best Places To Get Pictures Section 6 – Writing Winning Ads Improve Your CTR Section 7 – Landing Pages Internal Facebook Page Your Website Bridge Landing Page Section 8 – Setting Up A Facebook Ad Campaign Setting Up Your Landing Page Internal Facebook Landing Page Setting A Budget Creating Your Facebook Ad Targeting Your Audience Facebook Ad Review Process Section 9 – Maximize Your Profits Calculate Your Break-Even Point Testing Your Ads Section 10 – Tracking Your Facebook Ad Campaigns Is Your Facebook Ad Campaign Profitable Advanced Tracking Section 11 – Final Thoughts Additional Comments On Landing Pages The Four Questions That Need To Be Answered Comparison Of Cost For Different Ad Media