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We will not spam, rent, or loan your information. Bonus Desktop Software Local businesses are currently paying significant amounts of money on local advertising, much of which is wasted on the general population that has no interest in their product or services. This is because the typical media buy (local publications, newspapers, billboards, radio, and cable TV spots) only target general audiences. They are unable to selectively carve out a niche and target just that demographic group or men and women. Local publications can cost $50 - $3000 and only run monthly, quarterly, or annually. Newspaper ads can cost $150 - $500 and only run once per media buy Billboards ads can cost $800 - $2000 a month Radio spots can cost $350 - $800 a month, depending on the frequency of the ad and the size of the audience Cable TV spots cost $25 - $250 a spot, depending on how many times the ad is run and the time of day that the ad is run. It also costs between $8,000 - $25,000 to produce the ad. There is a need for a low cost method for local businesses to reach their targeted audience with their media advertising. The Solution The solution is Facebook advertising. Facebook currently reaches more than 500-million people worldwide, and their target market is local advertisers. The advantage of advertising on Facebook is hyper-targeting one’s niche market. Hyper-targeting allows advertisers to define their target audience’s profile. Facebook Advertising Unfortunately, local businesses are not aware of the hyper-targeting opportunities on Facebook. I was at a local business gathering and asked the following question: Who is advertising on Facebook? Not a single businessperson in the room responded that they were advertising on Facebook. When I asked if anyone would be interested in advertising on Facebook, if they could reach only their local niche market, not waste any ad dollars on anyone outside their niche market, and could do it for $1 - $5 a media buy; everyone in the room was interested. The problem is twofold: businesses don’t know about the opportunity to “laser-focus advertise” on Facebook and they don’t know how to do it. Although Facebook is probably the best place for most local businesses to advertise, they simply don’t know this opportunity exists. Our Course On Advertising On Facebook: In our course we teach you how to advertise on Facebook. We provide a downloadable eBook and videos that take you step-by-step through the process. Here is the table of contents of what is included in this course:  Table Of Contents Bonus Facebook Advertising Software: As a bonus, we have the only desktop software on the market today to create Facebook ads before you have to set them up on Facebook. This saves you incredible amounts of wasted time that would otherwise be spent creating your winning ads. We use this software when we set up ads for our clients. With this bonus software you will get two videos that 1) show you how to install the software, and 2) show you how to use the software. Complete the form on this page and you will get immediate access to this course. This course sells for $197, but you can get it here for FREE! We Can Do It For You: If you want someone else to do it for you we can set up and manage your Facebook advertising campaigns for a modest price. Contact our office and we will be happy to discuss handling your Facebook advertising for you.  Complete this form to get immediate access to the course material.