1.336.824.7012 Contact us today For A Free Consultation These are the services we can provide for you to get your business ranked in the top 7 Google Place listings in the local search results.   Local Keyword Research  Which words return local search results in your area and niche? Where do you currently show up for these words? Who are your top competitors? Exactly how many citations, reviews, and photos do your rivals possess? Our comprehensive keyword analysis report will answer these important questions.   Place Page Optimization We will setup your Google Places Listing so that it is optimized for Google's algorithm, which is used to determine rank. We will make sure that you are targeting the highest searched terms for your niche to expose your business to the largest number of people in your community. Website Optimization It is far more difficult to rank your Google Places without ranking your current website in the top 20 organic listings, especially in highly competitive markets. We will help you optimize your current website and establish a strategy to move it up in the rankings if need be. Getting Citations We will do a comprehensive analysis of the best sources to get citations for your niche. We will then obtain the citations for you. Having industry specific and hyper-local citations is critical to moving your listing to the top of Google Places. Review Strategy Reviews are important for two reasons: first, negative reviews can severely damage your reputation and keep customers from your business, and second, they are a determining factor in ranking well in Google Place listings. We will work with you to establish a strategy to encourage customers to give you reviews. Contact us at 336-824-7012 and we will be happy to access what is needed to get you ranked in the top 7 listings of Google Places.